Monday, August 3, 2009

Urgent: Please Pray for the Christians of Pakistan

Last night, I received an e-mail from our dear friend in Pakistan, Bishop M. In the last few days, Christians have been attacked and their homes have been burnt. Here is what happened in his words:

Muslims set 45 Christian Homes on Fire - Children & Women Burnt to Death

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan: July 31, 2009 - "Many children and women are feared burnt to death in 45 homes of Christians set on fire by Muslim attackers in village Korian, Gojra in district Toba Tek, Punjab.

According to different sources in Toba Tek, the situation was like this. There was a marriage ceremony of a Christian in village Korian on 26th July where large gathering of children, women and men of relatives were present for celebration.

The Muslims accused one boy in marriage ceremony of burning the pages of the Holy Koran. The elders of Christians and Muslims in village met to defuse tension on clarification of Christian youth that he have not burnt pages of Koran.

On night of July 30, 2009, at 9:00 PM the Muslims of Village Korian announced on loudspeakers of Mosque to gather and teach lesson to infidel Christians who are accused of blasphemy by burning the holy pages of the Koran. The nearby villages also made same announcements from Mosques and Muslims gathered before homes of Christians in large numbers. Shouts of "Allah Akbar" and "Kill Infidels" rang out as the Muslim mob started setting on fire homes of Christians.

Many children, women and men were burnt to death inside homes. When news of attack on Christians came to District Police Officer in Toba Tek, he ordered deployment of police and Fire Brigade but Muslim mob blocked the roads by lying on the road.

Another Attack
On August 1, 2009, it was another day of mourning for Christians when Muslim mob attacked at Christian Colony and gunned down 7 Christian women, children and men and burnt down 50 homes in Gojra.

The march of Muslims started from Railway Station Gojra at 10:00 am. It was attended by thousands of local and from near by villages marched towards Christian Colony. The Christian Colony Gojra is residence of one thousand Christian families who have settled here for over fifty years.

When Muslim marchers approached the Christian Colony, some two hundred Muslims hiding their faces with traditional Islamic scarf opened fire on the Christian houses. The Christians fled from their homes but were trapped and were executed by face covered Muslims with automatic firearms. The Muslim attackers looted 100 homes and set on fire more than fifty Christian houses.

These Militants used a particular type of chemical that is hard to extinguish to burn Christian homes.

They fired at one of the person whose name was Hameed Masih. He died at the spot. Then all the family of Hameed were crying and asking the Muslims, "Please don't kill us what ever you want to take from our home we will give you." But they threw the chemical on them & they burned all the family. 6 members of that family were burnt & died.

Please Pray & Help these Suffering Christian People, they need your Urgent Support in this difficult situation."

We are going to Pakistan
Jessica and I already have a trip scheduled to Pakistan to minister with our friends who are reporting this tragedy.

I feel that help is needed urgently. Would you help us go to the nation of Pakistan?

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