Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Announcing New King Ministries Website!

We have updated our website so we can be more effective in ministering to you and to other people around the world. Check it out at: www.kingministries.com

Here are some features of our new site:

* Training Videos: We have recorded powerful teaching videos on many different subjects including healing, how to have faith, how to fulfill the will of God, how to walk in the grace of God, and many other subjects that will benefit you.

* FREE Resources for Download: Many of my books are available for free download. We love giving material away to pastors, evangelists, and new believers. It is your support that allows us to give materials away for free!

* Witnessing Tools: We want to make it easy for people to meet Jesus. We are working on developing a variety of witnessing tools that will help people share their faith.

* Current Reports on what God is Doing Around the World: On our new website, you are able to see the latest reports on what God is doing in different nations because of your support of this ministry.

* Convenient and Safe Giving: Many of our partners choose to give monthly through our secure online giving portal. It is now easier than ever for you to help make a tangible difference every month by giving at our website.

Sorry: No New Posts Here

Due to the launch of our new website, I will not be posting to Blogger anymore. From now on, I will be giving all my updates on our blog posts at https://kingministries.com/blog/

However, I will be leaving the content of this blog because there is a lot of good material here. Take a moment to look around and then come visit me at our new and updated site! 

If you want to donate to help us lead people to Jesus, visit us here: https://kingministries.com/donate/