Friday, January 11, 2019

Do you have any idea of the Global Impact you made in 2018?

As Jessica and I look back at the past year, we are amazed at all the miracles God did this past year and we are thankful for the part that YOU played in helping us to reach people around the world. Your impact has been huge!

Because of you…

* Lives were impacted and souls were saved in South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Egypt, and the United States.

Here are some stats from the Doctoral Research I conducted at our Gospel Crusade in Caicó, Brazil: The city has a population of 66,246 people. The nine evangelical churches in the city have 1,357 believers which equals about 2% of the population. 82.6% of those surveyed at our outreach events repeated the prayer of salvation; 641 people filled out decision cards. This represents a 43% increase in the number of Christians in the city. 48.7% of the crowd reported that they arrived with pain in their bodies. 78.5% of those who came with pain in their bodies felt better after the healing prayer and 96.7% of these who felt better agreed they had received a miracle. 76.27% of the church members in the city attended the crusade and 42.37% of the church members participated as volunteers at the crusade. 100% of the local pastors agreed that the crusade was worth the time, money, and preparation. All of these numbers help us to demonstrate academically the value of doing large evangelistic events.

* After three and a half years of work on my Doctorate of Ministry, I successfully passed my defense and can now officially be called Dr. Daniel King.

* Soul winners were trained and encouraged on four different continents. One of our biggest focuses this year was releasing other evangelists into the harvest fields of the world. We believe the coming global harvest is much too big for just a few evangelists. Our goal is to raise up an army of evangelists who are passionate about sharing the Gospel.

* Our Internet ministry continues to reach people. Our blog was read by over 22,000 unique individuals. 31,300 people watched our videos on YouTube for a total of 70,000 minutes and thousands more watched on Facebook. Our three most popular videos were: What is an Evangelist?, Be Healed in the Name of Jesus, and You Can Become a Master Soul Winner. After watching a healing video two weeks ago, a viewer named Victor Gongora wrote, “Amen. I was healed while listening to this preaching! Jesus Christ bless you.”

* In 2018 we ministered to a total of 10,356 people overseas, we prayed with 844 people to be saved, we trained 1,412 national leaders, we ministered to 104 different evangelists, we gave away hundreds of books, and we mailed out thousands of letters to our ministry friends in North America.

All these miracles happened because you linked arms with King Ministries. Thank you! You believed in us enough to give your hard-earned funds to help us go on your behalf to preach the Gospel and you prayed for us every step of the way. Thank you for your ongoing love, support, and prayers for our family and our ministry.

Thank you for helping us to make a significant impact in the world in 2018.

During the coming year, we plan to accelerate our speed. God is moving and we want to reach more people than ever before. We already have trips planned to Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mongolia, and Myanmar. I am close to finishing several new books that will be published shortly. Please pray for thousands of souls to be saved in 2019. Thank you for standing with us as we reach out to the lost.