Saturday, May 26, 2018

I Need Your Prayers - Unrest in Brazil is Threatening Our Festival

I need your prayers.  Today, I am headed to Brazil for a Gospel Festival in the city of Caicó.

As our team is getting on the plane, we received word about a strike that is paralyzing the country of Brazil.

The truck drivers of Brazil are worried about rising gasoline costs and they have gone on strike. They are blocking many of the roads with their trucks and because of there actions food is not getting to the stores and gasoline is not getting to the gas stations. Empty grocery stores are causing lots of unrest as people worry about what they will eat.

The president ordered to police to clear the roads, but the police disobeyed because they say they are on the side of the truck drivers in the dispute. So, now the President has ordered the military to clear the roads. In the midst of this chaos, many roads are blocked and many airplane flights are being canceled because of a lack of fuel. For more information, click here.

So I need your prayers for our Gospel Festival that is happening this week.

1. Pray that our entire team makes it to the city where the Gospel Festival will take place.

2. Our sound system is on a truck coming to the Festival from one thousand kilometers away. Pray it will be able to pass through all the roadblocks.

3. Pray many people will come to the Gospel Festival despite the unrest.

4.Pray the chaos will make people turn toward God and many people will be saved.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An Evangelism Research Project

We are only a few days away from going to Caicó, Brazil for a Great Gospel Festival.  

Our team will be visiting schools to invite students to the festival. For the young people, we have a strength team who will be breaking stacks of bricks, tearing phone books in half, and blowing up hot water bottles in order to attract teenagers to the festival. One member of our team is a children’s minister who will be doing a big kid’s festival. We are purchasing lots of toys and candy to give away to the children. We will be doing a leadership conference for the pastors and three nights of crusade meetings.

Caicó, Brazil has a population of 80,000 people and it has one of the highest rates of suicide in the nation of Brazil. It is known as a stronghold of idolatry. Our goal is to reach every person in the city with the Gospel. We expect 10,000-15,000 people to attend the crusade meetings.

Research Project
This Caicó crusade will be my sixth time preaching the Gospel in Brazil, but this will be one of the most significant of all my crusades.

This is because in addition to preaching the Gospel to the crowd in Brazil, I will also be conducting research at the same time.

For the past three years, I have been working on earning my Doctorate of Ministry degree at Oral Roberts University. This consisted of taking on-line classes and doing intensive one-week seminars on campus. All of my class work has been finished and now all that remains is writing my dissertation.

The Doctorate of Ministry degree is designed to be a practical degree and so the dissertation for my doctorate is called an “Applied Research Project.”  It consists of writing several chapters of theological and historical research and then conducting a research project.

You probably will not be surprised to find that the focus of my study is mass evangelism. This year, I have been reading dozens of books on the history of mass evangelism and reflecting theologically on the importance of evangelism.

Now at our upcoming crusade in Brazil I will complete the research part of my project. The goal is to provide an academic snapshot of a large evangelistic event in a developing nation. I have been doing crusades like this for years, but now I will be able to demonstrate academically what God is doing.

The main part of the research will consist of taking a survey of all the people who attend the crusade. Here are some of the questions I will be trying to answer: Who attends a large evangelistic event? What percentage of the crowd are unbelievers? Are the attendees religious or secular in their background? If they are religious, what church do they identify with? Why did people decide to attend? How did people hear about the event? Which part of the advertising is successful? What attracted people to come to the event? Do they come for the music, or the preaching, or the spectacle? Or do they arrive because they are bored and there is nothing else to do?  Do they attend out of curiosity or because they want to receive a miracle or because a friend invited them? What beliefs do people bring to the event? What are the demographics, economic level, and educational level of the people who attend? Are they children, youth, or adults? Do the unbelievers who attend understand the message about Jesus that is presented? Do people remember the information that is imparted through the sermon? Do people respond to the message? How many people are getting saved at the event?

In addition, we will be giving pre-crusade surveys and post-crusade surveys to all the participating pastors in order to capture their viewpoint and interviewing the volunteers who choose to participate as ushers and councilors at the crusade.

This project will provide information that will help evangelists be more effective in how they promote and conduct evangelistic events. This research will also provide information that can be used to defend and promote the use of mass evangelism campaigns. And when I finish the research project, I will be Dr. Daniel King.

Thank you! This month your financial gift to our ministry will be maximized because it will have an impact on the nation of Brazil, and it will have an academic impact on evangelism that will endure for many years to come.

Thinking evangelistically,

Daniel King

P.S. We still need your help in order to complete the budget for the Brazil crusade. Please pray for many people to be saved and please rush your financial gift to us. We need it in just a few days. Every dollar you give will help us reach more people for Jesus in Caicó, Brazil. Thank You and God Bless You!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Tale of Two Mothers

For Mother's Day today, I preached at a church in South Africa. I thought you might be interested in the notes from the sermon I preached...

A Tale of Two Mothers 
The first mother I want to introduce you to is Eve, the “mother of all humankind.”

In the beginning of time, God created Adam and Eve and placed them in a beautiful garden. He gave them the entire garden as their own, except for the fruit of two trees in the middle of the garden.

The Serpent came and tempted Eve. He said, “You will not surely die…for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:4-5). In disobedience to God, Eve reached out her hand and took the fruit. Then she offered it to Adam and he also ate the fruit.

Because of Eve’s disobedience, sin entered the world. Along with sin came great pain and heartbreak.

Eve watched her son Cain kill Abel (Genesis 4:8). She saw the world descend into chaos. But, her whole life, she held onto the promise of the “seed of the woman” (Genesis 3:15)  who would come to crush the serpent’s head.

For thousands of years, mother’s passed this promise down from generation to generation. They told their little girls, “Someday, a woman will give birth to a Savior.”

But after thousands of years, many gave up hope. It seemed that a Savior would never come.

But now I want to introduce you to another mother. Her name was Mary and she is known as “the mother of God.”

She was a young girl, a teenager. One day an angel visited her and said, “Blessed are you among woman for you are highly favored.” JOKE: I told my kids this story and they went home and licked my wife. She asked why they were licking her and they explained that I told them their mother was highly flavored.

CONCEPTION: Mary replied to the angel, “May it be onto me according to your will.” In that moment, the Holy Spirit came upon her and she became pregnant.  (Luke 1:26-38).

BIRTH: Nine months later, in a manger in Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah. She gave birth to the Creator of the Universe, to the One who existed before time began. (Luke 2:4-6).

LOSING JESUS: When Jesus was a twelve-year-old boy, his parents accidently left him behind in the Temple. One can imagine how Mary felt when she lost her boy. (Luke 2:41-50)

GROWTH: Mary watched her son grow up. Even though Jesus was God, He still learned from His mother. She taught him how to dress Himself, and how to eat with manners. She taught Him how to count, and how to sing songs. She taught Him her favorite Scriptures and sent him off to school in the synagogue. (Luke 2:51). The Bible tells us, “He grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52).

WEDDING AT CANA: Mary was the reason for Jesus’ first miracle. They were at a wedding and the wine ran out. Mary spoke to Jesus about the problem. He commanded the servants to fill six stone jars full of water and to serve the guests. They were hesitant to obey his crazy command, but Mary told them to “Do whatever he tells you to do.”  (John 2:5)

CRUCIFIXION: Mary also experienced great pain. She watched her precious son be executed in the most horrible way possible. She stood at the foot of the cross and looked up into his eyes. She wondered if everything the angle had told her was wrong. If Jesus was the Son of God, how could he hang dying on a tree? In that moment, Jesus showed how much he cared for his mother. He said to Mary, “Dear woman, here is your son, and He said to John, “Here is your mother.” (John 19:26-27)

RESURRECTION: Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was there to see the empty tomb. (Luke 24:10).

Let’s compare these two mothers. In some ways they were similar. Both woman were mothers. Both woman experienced pain and suffering. Both saw a son die. Both loved their children.

But in other ways, these two mothers are very different:

* One mother was disobedient and brought sin in the world, the other mother was obedient and brought a Savior into the world.

* One mother was unwilling to do God’s will, the other was willing to do God’s will.

* One mother listened to the voice of Satan, the other mother listened to the voice of God.

* One mother raised Cain, the other mother raised Jesus.

* One mother brought death into the world, the other mother brought eternal life into the world.

Mary is a great example for us to follow. Now, I do not think it is appropriate to pray to Mary.  JOKE: Once there was a woman in a cathedral and Jesus appeared to her and said, “I am Jesus.” She replied, “Hush.” Jesus was surprised. He tapped her on the shoulder and said, “I am Jesus, the Savior of the Lord.” Again, she responded by saying, “Shhhhh.” For a third time, he tried to get her attention and finally she responded, “Can you please be quiet, I am trying to talk to your mother.” As this story illustrates, we should only pray to God, not to a human. But, it is appropriate to honor and show respect to Mary, because she carried God in her womb for nine months.

So, what lessons can mothers today learn from Mary? I think we should take her words to heart and make them our own.

1. Have faith in God: We should say with Mary, “According to your will be it done onto me.”

2. Obey Jesus: We should do what Mary told the servants to do, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

3. Know that Jesus can do miracles: Mary knew Jesus could do miracles. If Jesus can turn water into wine, He can turn your problem into a miracle.

4. Salvation – Mary saw Jesus die on the cross but three days later, she saw Him as risen Lord. You too can experience the reality of a risen Jesus!