Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Amazing Harvest in 2016

2016 was a great year of harvest! Thank you for helping us lead thousands of people to Jesus! We value your partnership so much. Here are a few of the amazing things God did in the past twelve months.
South Asia: This year we conducted two Gospel Festivals in South Asia. At the first, we gave away 10,000 copies of the Gospel of John to new believers. The second Festival was in a city that has over forty-five Hindu temples. This festival was attacked by Hindu radicals, but despite opposition, many people were touched by the power of God.
Burma (Myanmar): This was our first event in a predominately Buddhist nation. For many years, this nation had difficulties but with the election of a new government, it is starting to open up. Over 3,000 people attended the final night of our festival in Kalemyo.
Belize: We traveled to Belize in order to prepare for “The Belize Festival of Hope” which will take place in summer 2017. Our goal is to reach every person in the entire nation of Belize with the message of Jesus Christ.
Canada: We visited my wife Jessica’s family in Canada and ministered in several Canadian churches.
South Africa: Daniel preached in a church in Johannesburg.
Malawi: We were invited to participate in a nationwide outreach in this impoverished African nation by Luis Palau Ministries. At our Festival in Mazuzu, 1,264 people filled out decision cards indicating their desire to follow Jesus.
Kenya: Before Daniel & Jessica married, Jessica lived in Kenya for one year as a missionary. In August Daniel had the opportunity to visit Bishop Jefferson whom Jessica used to work with closely. He organized a street crusade for Daniel to preach at and many people were healed.
Madagascar: God gave us a voice to the entire nation of Madagascar. Over 2,500 pastors and leaders gathered together for our Fire Conference. These front-line shepherds came from all over the island. The Gospel Festival took place right next to the national soccer stadium in the middle of the capital city of Antananarivo and over 25,000 people gathered together to hear the good news.
Because of your partnership, in 2016 we ministered to a total of 114,025 people overseas. We prayed with 24,464 people to be saved, we trained 2,750 national leaders, and we gave away over 10,000 free books.
We mailed out thousands of letters to our ministry friends in North America. We published books in French, Portuguese, and several books in Spanish. Daniel blogged 365 times in 2016 and the blog was read by over 24,000 unique individuals. Our YouTube channel received 41,150 views for a total of over 88,000 minutes of watching time.
Thank you for your prayers and your faithful giving. With your partnership we can lead millions of people to Jesus.
Winning the Lost,
Daniel King
P.S. I believe 2017 will be one of our greatest years of harvest. I believe it will be a year of powerful miracles in your life too. We need your monthly financial support. Please continue to be a faithful giver. Souls hang in the balance! Your generosity makes heaven rejoice and hell angry. We thank God for you.