Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Watch Daniel King LIVE on God TV

Watch Daniel King on GOD TV
every night this week at 7pm EST
as a guest with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda is the President of Christ for All Nations, the ministry started by the great German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Daniel graciously asked me to be a guest on his TV program this week.

The focus of my programs with Daniel Kolenda are healing and salvation. If you need healing, please watch because your faith will grow as you believe God for your healing miracle. If you know someone who needs Jesus, please encourage them to watch.

Monday Night - The Testimony of how my Father was Saved
Tuesday Night - Complete Healing, Spirit, Mind, and Body
Wednesday Night - The Lord Shall Provide - The Story of the Ram in the Thicket
Thursday Night - True Success - The Man Who Wanted to Build a Barn
Friday Night - Healing and Miracles

Click Here to Watch LIVE:  http://god.tv/tunein/us