Monday, April 3, 2017

Food for Belize

This summer our ministry is doing a nationwide outreach to the Central American country of Belize. Eight evangelists and over two hundred missionaries will join hands together to reach the entire nation through “The Belize Festival of Hope.” We plan to share a good news message of the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Many North Americans know Belize as a tourist destination. They go there to snorkel, shop, and sunbathe. But within sight of the fancy hotels there are children who fall sleep every night with hungry bellies.

This is why we are shipping a container full of food to Belize. We plan to hold children’s festivals in eight cities all over Belize and when the children come to see the clowns, watch the dramas, and hear about Jesus, we want give each child a large sack full of food to take home. As one mother told me, “Empty bellies have no ears.”

The food has already been donated to us! The ministry “Feed My Starving Children” has promised to give us a forty-foot shipping container full of healthy, nutritious food. Inside the shipping container are 35 pallets, each pallet contains 36 boxes, each box contains 216 meal for a grand total of 272,160 meals. In the United States, the value of this donated food is $59,875.20 but at current market prices in Belize, the food might be worth up to $150,000.

So, the food has been donated but we need the funds to pay the cost of shipping the food to Belize. That’s where you come in. The cost to transport the food from the United States to Belize is $8,500. This includes the cost of shipping, port fees, and delivery.

Would you be willing to give us a gift towards the cost of this $8,500 to feed more then a quarter million meals to the poor children of Belize? The math on your investment works out to roughly $.03 cents per meal. To break down the math even more: $30 is an investment in 1,000 meals; $300 makes it possible for us to give away 10,000 meals; $3,000 = 100,000 meals.

When I think of my own two kids, Caleb (6) and Katie Grace (4), I am so thankful that they have never been in danger of starving. Thank God, we have plenty of food in our house. But, I want to make sure the children of Belize have food to eat too. That’s why shipping this container of food is so important. Please, would you help us feed the hungry children of Belize?