Friday, July 31, 2009

Do you listen to the voice of God?

We endeavor to always be sensitive to the voice of God and to be quick to obey.

That's why Jessica and I are preparing to minister in the nations of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Suicide-bombers, war, and the Taliban have made headlines in these two nations in the last few weeks.

Why do we GO to these distant lands when there are places closer to home that would be safer and more comfortable for us to minister?

174,579,000 people live in Pakistan. 96% of the population in Pakistan are Muslims who have never heard the Gospel message.

Afghanistan has 33,609,037 people. Afghanistan is 99% Muslim. God told us to GO to the unreached and we must OBEY.

Between these two nations, there is an average of ONE MISSIONARY for every ONE MILLION Muslims.

At this ratio, there would be only three people preaching to my entire home state of Oklahoma. Yet, here at home, I see a church on every corner.

We want to go where the NEED is the greatest. We want to preach TO THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD.

Would you help us reach people in the Muslim world?
Three days ago, I asked my friends on Facebook why they support different ministries. The #1 reason they said is because GOD TOLD THEM TO GIVE. Right now, I believe God is speaking to many of our partners to help us minister to the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Would you take a moment to listen to the voice of God? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is God telling me RIGHT NOW to help get people saved in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

2. How much is God telling me to give?

Would you be one of 5 people to give a gift of $1,000? Would you be one of 10 people to give a gift of $500? Would you be one of 50 people to give a gift of $100? Would you be one of 300 people to give a gift of $50?

Please, listen to the voice of God and give what He tells you to give. Please don't delay; be OBEDIENT to the voice of God RIGHT NOW.

To help us reach Pakistan & Afghanistan CLICK HERE