Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One in a Million

Our team was in the central plaza of the city of Crato passing out flyers and inviting people to come to the crusade. A woman sitting on a bench caught my attention. I walked over to her and handed her a flyer. She asked me to sit down and then she reached into her purse. She pulled out a picture of her daughter. She said, “My daughter is not able to walk or talk, can you pray for her?”

I laid my hands on the picture of the little girl and prayed, “Dear God in Heaven, I ask you to touch this woman’s daughter with Your healing power. In Jesus Name, Amen.” As I prayed, the woman started to cry. I asked her if she wanted to give her life to Jesus. She replied, “Yes.” So, I led her in a salvation prayer.

One hour later, the woman came running to find our team. She breathlessly reported, “After Daniel prayed, I called my home and spoke with the babysitter. At the very moment that Daniel prayed for my daughter, she stood up, walked across the room for the first time, and said “Mama.”

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pray for Brazil Trip

We are headed to Brazil!

Upcoming Brazil Gospel Festival
Our quest for souls continues in the nation of Brazil. The last time we were in Brazil over 40,000 people attended our Gospel Festival in Belo Horizonte. We expect another great harvest on this upcoming trip.

The eyes of the world are on Brazil!  This South American nation has been chosen to host
the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. Brazil is experiencing rapid economic
growth. The Church in Brazil is in the middle of a time of revival but there are still
millions of Brazilians who have yet to hear the Gospel.

Our Gospel Festival is in the city of Crato, the second largest city of the Cariri region. Cariri is a region in the southern part of the state of Ceara in the northeast part of Brazil. According to missions experts, it is one of the least evangelized regions in the country of Brazil. It is home to approximately 1 million people distributed in 22 towns and thousands of villages. Statistics about the number of born again Christians in the region vary, but the consensus is that less than 3% of the inhabitants of Cariri know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The region has been oppressed by false religion. Over 2,000,000 people visit this area of Brazil each year to worship the statue of a man known as Father Cicerus. He was originally a Catholic priest who was excommunicated in 1889. Many people in the region worship him as a saint instead of worshiping Jesus Christ.

Radio Multiplies Our Efforts
God has given us a plan to reach 22 towns in the region simultaneously through a radio broadcast. Thousands will attend the meetings in Crato, but we expect to double or triple the size of our harvest by airing the entire meeting LIVE on the radio to the entire region.

Right now, a team is visiting the 22 towns surrounding Crato and working closely with local churches to train “radio evangelists.” Each of these local Christians will create an “Evangelistic Meeting Place” at a local home, school, office, farm, or village during the Gospel Festival. Each trained believer will set up a mini-event in which people will gather around the radio to hear the broadcast. Christians will be challenged to invite their non-Christian friends to come hear the Good News.

As the people pray with us for salvation in Crato, the prayer will be repeated in hundreds of other places as people listen by radio. Local Christians will be right there to follow up by getting the new believers plugged into a local church. Our goal is to impact the entire region with the Gospel.

We need your prayers!
While we are preaching the Gospel, we covet your prayers. There is no distance in prayer and we need you to support us with your prayers.

Please Pray for:
            * Thousands of people to be saved.
            * Religious blinders to fall off the eyes of the deceived.
            * Good weather each night of the Gospel Festival.
            * The protection of our team members.
            * The whole region to tune into the radio broadcast.
            * Our follow-up plan to be successful.
            * The entire budget to be met.

Thank you so much for helping us impact Brazil with the Gospel. Because of your help, we are able to lead the lost to Christ. I believe your heavenly reward will be great. Thank you!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Where is the urgency?

Once three demons were arguing about how to prevent people from being saved.

The first demon said, "We will remove the promise of reward by telling people there is no heaven."

The second demon had another idea, "We will remove the threat of punishment by deceiving people into believing there is no hell."

The third demon retorted, "Neither of your ideas will work. Instead of attacking the idea of heaven and hell we will simply remove their sense of urgency by telling everyone that they don't need to get saved now, they can always do it tomorrow."

Which of these three demonic ideas work best in today's society? What do you think?