Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughts about Time

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. You have exactly the same amount of time to spend today as everyone else who is alive.

Time waits for no man. We each have:

7 days a week.
365 days a year.
24 hours in a day.
1,440 minutes in a day.
86,400 seconds in a day.
You only have so much time, so spend it wisely. Recognize the value of your time. Wise King Solomon understood the importance of time, when he said, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV).

Time is more valuable than money. If you lose your money, you can figure out a way to earn more but if you run out of time, everything is over. You can get money back, but you can never get time back.

Time is the most valuable asset you have, but it is only as valuable as you make it. Hamburger flippers trade their time for $10 an hour; lawyers trade their time for $350 an hour. The way time is used separates the rich from the poor. The difference between an impoverished person and a wealthy person is how they use their time. Using time wisely is the secret of the wealthy.

Broke people abuse time.
Needy people misuse time.
Losers are those who do not use their time wisely.
Opportunities follow those who use their time wisely.

Time is our currency here on the earth. We trade time for money (paycheck). We trade time for relationships. We trade time for knowledge. What are you trading your time for? How are you spending your time?

What are the time wasters in your life? What steals your time? What do you need to eliminate from your life?

What is robbing your time?
            - Spending time with people who have no vision or goals.
            - Television, news, entertainment, paperwork, goofing off.
            - People who play all the time.
            - Being around critical people.
            - People who want what you have but do not do what you say.
            - People with self-defeating habits
            - People who are always late.
            - People who are unorganized.

Who steals your time? Who do you need to eliminate from your life? There are four types of people with whom you can spend your time.

1. Add-ers - People who add to your life.
            My wife Jessica is an example of someone who adds to my life. She makes me happy, gives me pleasure, and encourages me. She adds value to my life.

2. Subtract-ers - People who subtract from your life.
            These are people who waste your time. I have a friend who talks non-stop. If he calls me, it is impossible to get off the phone in less than an hour. He never talks about issues of significance or importance; he just likes to hear himself talk. I finally stopped answering his calls because he kept wasting my time.
            Another person called me and asked if he could come stay with me for a week. He just wanted to “hang out.” He wanted me to take him to see a movie and to go to the mall. I told him not to come because I did not have a week to waste on entertaining him. His time was worth little, but my time is valuable.
            If you do not fight for your time, other people will steal your time.

Who is a time thief in your life?
            - Time thieves have confusion in their lives.
            - Time thieves always have problems.
            - Time thieves have no focus.
            - Time thieves do not give you anything of value.

If you don’t respect my time, I am not going to give you any more of my time.

3. Multiply-ers - People who multiply your life.
            A mentor can multiply your effectiveness. There are only two ways to learn: through your mistakes or from the mistakes of others. Following the advice of a mentor can cut ten years from your development.
            One of my favorite ministers focuses on wisdom. When I go to his conferences, I am inspired to do more for God. When I listen to him, I get ideas that will help me achieve my purpose in life. An hour of listening to him motivates me to accomplish more.

4. Divide-rs - People who divide you.
            These are people who deliberately and maliciously attempt to distract you from your focus. They actively try to cause conflict between you and others.
            One time, someone opened an e-mail address that was similar to mine. He started e-mailing people negative comments but signing my name. This caused me to lose several relationships because this person deliberately tried to cause division. 

Your time is a seed. Use your time as a seed. You can never achieve your dreams, your purpose, or your assignment until you learn how to sow the miracle seed of time.

What you have in life is the result of the time you have sown. How do people sow their time? A body builder trades time for sculptured muscles. A master musician spends hours practicing the piano. The athlete practices until he is the best. A doctor trades eight years of his life in order to learn how to diagnose a disease.

Anything of significance in your life will require time. Investing time is the only way you can gain something you want.

People say, “I wish I had more time” but no one ever received any more time by saying this.  Start using the time you have more wisely. You will never find time because it isn’t lost. You can only decide to use your time in valuable ways.

You can never get more time, but you can maximize the time you have. Learn to master your time, or your time will master you. Develop time consciousness. Work on Time Management skills. 

1. Plan long term.
            If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. People who set goals are much more likely to be successful than those without goals. 

2. Use calendars, clocks, lists, and timers. 
            My mother is obsessed with calendars, clocks, lists, and timers. She makes a list of things to do everyday and she sets her timer for specific amounts of time in order to accomplish her tasks. When I was growing up, I never understood why. I often rolled my eyes and made fun of her because of her love of using timers. But now I understand. Her focus allowed her to be successful at raising five children.

3. Plan your day.
            When you wake up in the morning, make a list of the six most important tasks you need to accomplish. Start with the most important.            

4. Invest in your dreams
- Are you spending time on making your dreams come true?
- How much of your time are you willing to invest in order to build a great dream or future?
- How much time are you willing to invest to research and gather info about your dream?
- How much time are you willing to invest in planning every day of your life?

Your time should be focused on your strengths. Use your most alert time to do the most important things in your life. For example, the most valuable hour in my life is my first hour of being awake which is when I am most alert. I often devote this hour to writing because it is when I do my best work. Later in the day when I am more tired is when I devote time to washing the dishes or organizing my office. I save less important tasks for when I am tired.

Ask yourself these questions several times each day:
Am I using my time wisely?
Is this what I want or need to be doing right now?
Am I working on something urgent or something important?
Where can I best invest my time in order to maximize my income?

Some things are urgent, but not important. Other things are important but not urgent. The best use of your time is to use it doing things that are important.

What are some important (but non-urgent) things you should do with your time?
- Read
- Exercise
- Educate Yourself
- Build Relationships
- Family - Children spell love as T-I-M-E. You can give your children video games and roller skates, but what children really want from daddy and mommy is time.

If you don’t want or need to be doing an activity, STOP. By eliminating unproductive activities from your life you will discover more time for doing what you really want to be doing. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I learned from the Sequoia Tree

Today I visited Sequoia National Park in eastern California. There one can see the largest living tree (by volume) on earth. Here are some of the lessons I learned. 

1. It does not matter where you start all that matters is where you finish.
            The oldest of the Sequoia trees is 3,200 years old. The tallest grows to 311 feet. They weigh up to 2.7 million lbs. Their bark grows up to 31 inches thick. The branches at eight feet in diameter are bigger than the trunks of most trees. The base can grow up to forty feet in diameter, that means more than twenty people would need to join hands in order to encircle the tree. The cone is about the size of a chicken’s egg and this massive tree grows from a seed the size of an oat flake.
            You might come from a small beginning, but you have the potential to be the best in the world at what God has called you to do. You can tower above all the other trees in the forest if you simply refuse to give up. The definition of the word “excellence” is “to surpass, to be the best, to be a champion, to exceed, to be exceptional, to be unsurpassed, to be top notch, to tower above all the rest.” You can achieve excellence if you just stick with your assignment long enough.
2. Going through the fire can prepare you for a fresh start.
            After the Sequoia groves were declared a National Park, the Forest Rangers worked diligently to protect the big trees by trying to banish fire. Every 5-10 years lightning started a fire and the forest service always rushed to put out the fires.
            But after a few decades, the Rangers began to see unwanted consequences of the fire suppression. The trees stopped reproducing. It turns out that fire is an important part of the lifecycle of the Sequoia tree. Each year each tree produces up to 2,000 egg-sized cones that contain up to 400,000 seeds. The seeds are released only when the cones open. The cones hang green and closed on the trees for up to twenty years. A few seeds may be scattered by squirrels, but the heat from a fire is needed to make the cones dry out, open up, and drop seeds. Plus, the fire clears out the underbrush from around the mama tree and leaves ashes to act as fertilizer.
            Many people have a lot of dead wood clogging up their lives. This old, dead growth prevents them from planting new ideas or experiencing new growth. Sometimes, God brings us through a period of fire in order to prepare us for new growth. Our greatest victories often follow a time of supernatural pruning. The ashes left over from our past are used by God to fertilize our future growth.

3. Deep roots are necessary for survival.
            The wood and bark of a Sequoia tree naturally grows a special chemical that makes the trees resistant to insects and fungi. This makes them almost immortal. As long as they are standing, they never stop growing. But, they do have one weakness in their roots. These mighty trees actually have a very shallow root system with no taproot. Ninety percent of the Sequoia roots are within three feet of the surface of the earth. Their roots extend broadly but they do not grow deeply. Soil moisture, root damage, erosion, and strong winds can cause these giants to topple over.
            Many people look they are impervious to the devil’s attack on the outside, but in reality they are vulnerable because their roots do not extend deeply into the ground. To maintain a great height, one’s roots must extend equally far underground. 

4. Slow and steady wins the race.
            A young Sequoia tree does not even look like a tree, instead it looks more like a bush. It grows on the ground as a bush for 8-10 years before it starts shooting up. Fifty years later, it is a tall slender tree. Every year the tree continues to grow taller and broader and it is only after 2,000 years that the tree has a right to be called “the biggest tree in the world.”
            I’m sure you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. The rabbit starts the race much quicker than the turtle, but after a while the rabbit gets distracted. The little turtle keeps inching toward the finish line, slow and steady. By the time the hare tries to catch up, it is too late. The slow tortoise beats the rapid rabbit by simply putting one foot in front of the next, over and over again.
            The white pine tree can grow to full height in twenty years, but then it dies just as quickly. You are in a marathon, not a sprint. It is better to be a long-term success than it is to be a flash in the pan that fizzles out in a few short days or years.

5. Success is only possible in the right environment.
            The west slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains between an elevation of 5,000 and 7,000 feet is the only place in the world where the Sequoia trees grow. In order to flourish, they need the right amount of sun, water, and the perfect weather. No other place on earth has been found where this magnificent tree can naturally grow to such an enormous height.
            What environment keeps you focused? What environment allows you to be the most productive? What environment is best for your happiness and success?  You need to find the environment that is right for you to grow. Some environments will stunt your growth, other environments will kill you, only one environment is right for turning you into everything you are called by God to be.
6. Beware small-minded people who seek to destroy your greatness. 
            The biggest Sequoia tree was over 90 feet in diameter. In 1852, George Gale discovered the tree and cut off the bark in order to show people in the eastern United States the size of the tree. Without the bark, the tree eventually died. George’s greedy desire to make a few dollars off the world’s largest tree killed the 2,500-year-old tree.
            Watch out for those who try to steal in a moment what took you years of effort and toil to create. There are a lot of people out there that do not care for you. All they care about is what they can quickly take from you. Stay away from them, lest your greatness be compromised.

7. Never underestimate the power of a seed.
            The Sequoia tree grows from a seed the size of an oat flake. Contained in that tiny seed is the DNA for the biggest tree in the world, but you would never know by looking at it. Impressive endings often come from small beginnings.
            God wants us to sow seeds everyday. Your small seed has the potential to give you a mighty harvest. The seed you sow determines the harvest you grow. I encourage you to sow a seed into our ministry today. Even if you do not have much, your small seed can bring you the greatest harvest of your lifetime. Sow today! Click HERE to sow a seed into world evangelism. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Do you want to go on a mission trip?

Do You Want to Go on a Mission Trip!

I want to invite you to be part of an amazing mission trip to the nation of Honduras. We need you to be a part! We are going to the city of Yoro, Honduras and our goal is to have an impact on every level of society in the city.

What will be happening?
During this trip we will be doing a businessmen’s conference, a woman’s conference, a children’s Fiesta, a youth concert, and a pastor’s conference. We will be visiting schools, orphanages, and doing open air outreaches. In addition, we will sponsor a medical outreach in order to help the poorest of the poor. The trip will finish with a three day Miracle Festival.

Who should come?

Medical Professionals

Young People


Pastors and Ministers

When: October 14-21, 2012

Cost: $2,400 This covers your airfare, food, lodging, and transportation for the entire week.

How can you sign up for the trip?

1. Reply to this e-mail. If you want to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime mission opportunity, let me know immediately by sending me an e-mail: daniel [@] 

2. We have a limited number of spots available for this trip. To reserve your spot, click here and make a $100 nonrefundable deposit into the mission trip fund. This will let us know that we need to save a place for you.


Daniel King

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you understand the Trinity?

I have been studying the Trinity for my class on Systematic Theology. Here is a poem I wrote about the Trinity.

By Daniel King

It doesn’t make sense,
The Trinity,
For all of time,
A mystery.

Three in One,
One in Three,
That is the way
that it has to be.

In the Old Testament,
God is One.
But in the New Testament,
Born is a Son.

One from the Beginning,
They developed a plan
Jesus is God,
He’s also a Man.

So, there’s a Father
And a Son,
Don’t stop yet,
Because we’re not done.

The Spirit was promised,
On Pentecost He came,
Now there’s three,
But they’re all the same.

The Father,
The Word,
The Bird,
It’s a little absurd.

Three beings,
One whole.
Try to explain it, lose your mind;
Try to deny it, lose your soul.