Friday, September 14, 2018

What Does Daniel Speak About?

Are you a pastor that needs a speaker for a special event or a Bible school looking for someone to teach?

Recently a Bible School asked me to provide a list of ten classes that I could teach. Here is the list that I provided to them. If you ever need me to teach on any of these subjects, just let me know and I will do what I can to help you.

Evangelism: In the past fifteen years, we have led over 2 million people in a salvation prayer. I can teach on mass evangelism or one-on-one evangelism. I am currently finishing my Doctorate of Ministry research project on the subject of "Mass Evangelism" Here are some books I have written on the topic:

Missions: I grew up as a missionary in Mexico and have traveled to over sixty nations preaching the Gospel. I love inspiring people to fulfill the Great Commission. Check out what we have accomplished in nations around the world:

Apologetics: My latest focus is studying apologetics and I am currently writing my next book on the subject. In a world where there are many voices who challenge our faith, it is vital for the believer to know how to defend what he or she believes. 

Healing: We have seen God heal people all over the world. Here are some of the teachings I have done on the subject: God's Healing Power

Serving in the Local Church: I wrote a book about an obscure Bible character named Obed-Edom that will encourage people to get involved in serving God with their time and talents.

Practical Ministry Training: I have written extensively on subjects designed to help people launch out in ministry. Topics include: How to Raise Money for your Ministry, How to Write a Book, How to Grow your Church, etc.

Grace: After two years of intense study on the grace of God, I wrote a book on the topic that was published with Harrison House.

Prayer and Fasting: I have done some good teaching on these subjects too.

How to Discover God's Will: I wrote this book to encourage young people to passionately pursue God's will for their lives.