Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help Needed Immediately

In Pakistan this weekend, at least eight Christians were viciously murdered and dozens of Christian homes were burned by Muslim militants. The Christians of Pakistan need our help immediately.

Last year, after our Gospel Festival in Pakistan we gave an offering to help plant house churches and to pay the salary of some of the local pastors in Pakistan. This morning, I found out that one of the pastors of the organization we work with has died because of the violence.

I spoke with our dear friend in Pakistan just moments ago. He cried as he told me about what has happened.

He explained through his tears, "I received a phone call from the Christians in Gojra as the attack was going on. The Muslims were burning the houses and as the Christians fled they called us. We left immediately to go help them. When we arrived, the houses were still smoldering. Many of our house churches were burned and one of our pastors has died."

He pleaded, "Please, can you do anything to help? They don't even have a cup for drinking water. They have no food. They have no place to sleep. Can you help them?"

Our hearts are moved by this crisis. Jessica and I promised to send some money immediately by Western Union to help the local believers in this time of tragedy.

The Christians of Gojra are left with nothing. Their houses have been burned, their churches were destroyed, some of them have died.

Would you help us provide IMMEDIATE food, clothing, and shelter for our dear brothers and sisters in Pakistan?

The next forty-eight hours are crucial. Whatever you can give will help these persecuted believers in the midst of their darkest hour.

Click HERE to help the Christians of Gojra, Pakistan

The situation facing the Christians of Pakistan has now made international headlines. Click here to read the AP story

We are going to Pakistan
Jessica and I already have a trip scheduled to Pakistan to minister with our friends who are reporting this tragedy, We feel that this time of crisis is the perfect time for us to go minister to the people of Pakistan.We need your prayers.