Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ranchi, India Impacted by the Gospel

Thousands of people attended each night of our Gospel Festival in Ranchi, India.

Excitement was high in the city when we arrived. Colorful posters promising salvation and miracles covered the walls of the city. Massive billboards and banners combined with radio and television ads created excitement about the event.
A clear salvation message was preached each evening. One night, Daniel preached on “The Paralyzed Man”, another night he preached on “The Four Greatest Miracles in the Bible.” Daniel’s co-evangelist from Sweden, Marcus Bloom, preached on “The Cross of Jesus,” “The Adulterous Woman,” and “The Rich Man and Lazarus.”

When the altar call was given, thousands of people streamed forward to the front to receive Jesus. As they entered the altar call area, a counselor greeted each person by handing him or her a copy of the Gospel of John and a decision card. Around 10,000 decision cards were filled out by the end of the five-day festival.The Gospel Festival also aired each day on three major television stations in Ranchi and Delhi that reach most of northern India. Our half-hour program was aired three times each day to hundreds of thousands of viewers. In response to the television program, over 700 people called asking for prayer.