Saturday, November 26, 2011

McVeggie Burger anyone?

So, I was in India for Thanksgiving. My brother and I heard there might be a Subway sandwich shop somewhere in Delhi and we figured their 6" turkey sub would be our best bet at getting turkey for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, our cab driver was not able to find a Subway so we decided to go for McDonalds instead. After two weeks of curry, nothing sounded better than a Big Mac. Imagine our surprise to discover that McDonald's most famous sandwich is not served in India, in fact, there is NO BEEF to be found at India's McDonalds. McVeggie Burger anyone?

Notice the top photo that says "No Photography allowed." Employees kept trying to prevent me from taking these pictures. Apparently India McDonald's is trying to keep news of the McVeggie burger from getting out to the rest of the world.