Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Church Built for New Believers

Seven years ago, missionary evangelist Marcus Bloom held his first Gospel Festival in Jharkhand in the village of Manoharpur. At that time, many people in the village gave their lives to Jesus. A church was started in the home of one of the new believers. Over time, more people from the village became Christian and the church outgrew the home. They began to meet under a tree. During the rainy season, they would meet in a mud hut but the roof of the hut was filled with holes and people still got wet.

When I heard that the village has over two hundred believers and no church building, I decided to help them build a church. We purchased a piece of land, bricks, and material for the roof. The local believers helped build the church with their own hands.

In the village, we held a mini-crusade and then dedicated the church. Several dozen villagers gave their lives to Jesus. We commissioned Pastor Haren Kandulna to pastor the church. The local believers are so excited to have a beautiful church building with a roof over their heads. One local believer said, “Now that we have a church building, I think the entire village will become Christian.”

Pastor Sunny told me, “For over five years, I have been praying for a church building in this village.” Then he choked up and started to cry because he was so happy his prayers had been answered.