Thursday, June 29, 2017

Urgent Need in Belize

In the last few posts, I have been telling you about our upcoming outreach to the Central American nation of Belize. Our goal during this outreach is to communicate the Gospel to every person in the entire nation over a one-week period. This is the biggest outreach our ministry has ever organized and we cannot do it without your help. Let me share with you some of the various outreaches that will take place in July.

How to Reach a Nation for Jesus
Nine evangelists and over two hundred missionaries will be partnering with us during our outreach to Belize. We are invading the nation with an army of people who will demonstrate the love of Jesus in tangible ways. During our week of ministry we will be doing events in the nine major population centers in Belize. Here are some of the activities that are going on:

Children’s Fiesta – In Belize City we will hosting a two-day children’s festival. We expect over 5,000 children to attend. We will be sending buses to dozens of local villages and bringing the children together for fun and games and to hear the Gospel. For $100, you can sponsor a bus full of one hundred children.

Youth Concerts – Fifty percent of Belize is under the age of eighteen so we are attracting the youth by using music and extreme sports. For $5,000, you can sponsor renting a sound system that 15,000 young people can hear.

FREE Medical Exams – We have a team of twenty doctors and nurses who will offer free medical exams in the poorest neighborhoods of Belize City. $700,000 worth of medicine has been donated but we have to carry it down in our suitcases. For $70, you can sponsor the cost of shipping an extra suitcase full of medicine to Belize.

Food for the Hungry – Thanks to the generosity of our partners, a forty-foot shipping container full of donated food has been placed on a ship and is on its way to Belize right now. We will be giving away over 270,000 meals to the children of Belize. If you want to be a part of this food distribution, your gift of $30 feeds 1,000 children.

Business Leaders and Political Leader’s Seminar – We are inviting the top business leaders in the country together for a leadership seminar at one of the nicest hotels in Belize. Successful American business leaders will share principles of business success and at the end of the seminar; we will share the greatest secret of success, which is to serve Jesus Christ. You can sponsor a business leader to attend the event for $25.

Pastor’s Dinner – On our first night in Belize, we will gather the pastors together for a banquet. Our team will serve food to every pastor and pray for them. We will also be giving each pastor a box full of commentaries and study books. Your gift of $20 feeds a pastor and his wife.

Television and Radio – God has given us the opportunity to air our entire outreach on LIVE television across the nation of Belize. Your gift of $1,250 will sponsor the cost of hiring a television crew and pay for airtime across the nation of Belize.    

Follow-Up Material – Over 30,000 Bibles have been donated and follow-up material is ready for us to give away to the people who get saved at all of our events in Belize. Your gift of $2 will sponsor one bag of discipleship material for a new believer.

If you add up the costs of the Belize Festival of Hope, you can see that doing an outreach of this magnitude requires a huge amount of resources. But, this investment will be worthwhile if we can change the trajectory of an entire nation. We expect thousands of people to be saved! We believe that Belize will never be the same again. We are claiming the nation of Belize for the kingdom of God.

We cannot do this outreach alone. We need your help. Please allow the Lord to speak to you. What part of the outreach do you want to be a part of? Can you sponsor one hundred children to come to the Kid’s Fiesta? Or could you sponsor a businessman or woman to come to the Leadership Seminar? Or perhaps you could sponsor the television outreach? Please participate in whichever area God puts on your heart.

Touching Nations, 

Daniel King

P.S. As you read this letter, I will be in Belize preparing for the outreach. Your financial gift this month will allow us to change lives for eternity in the nation of Belize. Thank you for your generosity!   Click HERE to GIVE