Monday, June 26, 2017

Saying Thank-You to Luis Palau

In 1997, I was given the opportunity to be a clown at a Kid's Fest for Luis Palau in Juarez, Mexico. Today, I was able to say thank you to Brother Luis for his inspiration and his example.
I wrote Dr. Palau a letter that says, "In 1997, you did a Festival in Juarez, Mexico. At that time, my parents were missionaries in Juarez and my father was involved in helping to mobilize churches for the festival. Back then, my brother and I dressed up as clowns and did small children's festivals in the barrios of Juarez. We were just teenagers, but we were invited to minister at your Kid’s Fest for thirty minutes. Over 7,000 children attended. It was the biggest crowd I had ever been in front of. Thousands of children responded to the Gospel.
It was this opportunity to minister that helped put a dream in my heart to become an evangelist. Since then, I have visited 69 nations and led over two million people in a salvation prayer, but it all started at a Luis Palau Kid's Fest in Juarez, Mexico.
Now, I am a member of the Next Generation Alliance. I am thankful for your example, your encouragement, and for the way you give other evangelists opportunities to minister, even when they are teenage juggling evangelists who wear clown makeup."
If you are an evangelist and you want to connect with Dr. Luis Palau's ministry, I encourage you to join the Next Generation Alliance.