Friday, February 12, 2016

Witnessing in the Workplace

I just received an e-mail from someone who lost her job after giving her boss a slip of paper with a Bible verse on it. I am wondering how often this happens. Here are some questions: 

1. Have you ever experienced negative consequences for sharing your Christian faith while at work? 

2. Does your workplace have a policy directly against witnessing? 

3. In Titus 2:9, Paul encourages servants to obey their masters which in modern times means employees should obey their employers. Jesus told us in Mark 16:15 to preach the Gospel to every person. Which instruction do you think is more important to follow? 

4. Do you think there is a way to witness without disobeying your employer's rules? 

5. Do you think it might be dishonest to use the time your employer pays you for to do something of a personal nature like witnessing? 

6. Is it worth the chance of losing your job if you can rescue someone from hell? 

7. Do you think Christians should share their faith in the workplace? How? When?