Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you understand the Trinity?

I have been studying the Trinity for my class on Systematic Theology. Here is a poem I wrote about the Trinity.

By Daniel King

It doesn’t make sense,
The Trinity,
For all of time,
A mystery.

Three in One,
One in Three,
That is the way
that it has to be.

In the Old Testament,
God is One.
But in the New Testament,
Born is a Son.

One from the Beginning,
They developed a plan
Jesus is God,
He’s also a Man.

So, there’s a Father
And a Son,
Don’t stop yet,
Because we’re not done.

The Spirit was promised,
On Pentecost He came,
Now there’s three,
But they’re all the same.

The Father,
The Word,
The Bird,
It’s a little absurd.

Three beings,
One whole.
Try to explain it, lose your mind;
Try to deny it, lose your soul.