Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tribal Warfare Destroys Homes

In the area where we conducted our Gospel Festival there are over thirty homes that have been burned down and destroyed by tribal warfare in the past six weeks.

I visited one home. The walls were bashed in. The roof was gone. Ashes covered the floor. Broken pottery was scattered around. A mother and her two daughters were sleeping in the open air.

The mother explained, “My family is from one tribe and we are living in an area claimed by another tribe. They tell us we have to leave, but this is our home. One dark night a mob of young men from the other tribe marched down the street with fierily torches. They lit fire to the all the houses of my tribe. They stole our possessions. Now we have nothing and nowhere to go.”

At the Gospel Festival we preached that Jesus loves the people of every tribe. We asked the different tribes to forgive each other and to live in peace. Thousands gave their lives to Jesus. Now that the Prince of Peace is reigning in the hearts of the people, we pray that there will be peace between the tribes.