Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank you for your help!

Last month, in the Pakistani villages of Korian and Gojra, over 150 Christian homes were burned and at least eight Christians were viciously murdered for their faith.

The survivors were left with nothing. No food. No clothing. No homes. They desperately needed help. I sent out an e-mail about their desperate situation, and many of you responded. Thank you so much!

Because of your generosity we were immediately able to send money to help the people of Gojra , Pakistan . You enabled us to provide food and other help in the time of their greatest need.

More Help is Needed

In just a couple of weeks, Jessica and I are headed back to Pakistanfor our second massive Gospel festival in this Muslim nation.

We feel this is a critical time to minister to Pakistan . Because of the horrible tragedy that has happened, people are more open to the Gospel than at any other time.

The purpose of this trip is two-fold:

1. We want to encourage local believers during this time of crisis.

2. We want to reach out to Muslims with the love of Christ.

Can you send a significant financial gift TODAY to help us minister to the people of Pakistan ?

To help us minister in Pakistan, CLICK HERE