Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you want to IMPACT an entire village?

Next week we begin a series of Gospel Festivals in the villages of Pakistan.

Jesus ministered to "every town and village" (Matthew 4:23) and we are endeavoring to do the same.

Our team has chosen a strategic central location for each of our Gospel Festivals to take place.

Buses from surrounding villages will bring people to the central location of our Festival.

97% of Pakistan is Muslim, so the vast majority of these villagers are unreached Muslims who have never heard that Jesus saves!

Each bus that comes to our Gospel Festivals will be filled with villagers. They will ride on the roof and hang onto the back railings. Fathers will come with their children and wives. Each bus seats fifty but can contain over a hundred people crammed everywhere possible, eager to come to the Festival.

Since the villagers are unable to pay the bus fare, we are helping by paying the cost of gas for each of the buses. It costs about $50 for every bus that brings people to hear the Gospel.

Would you sponsor a bus to bring people to come hear about Jesus?
Your gift of $50 TODAY will bring an entire bus from a Pakistan village to the Gospel Festival. Perhaps you could sponsor two buses, or five buses, or ten buses?

I fly to Pakistan this Friday, so I need to hear from you TODAY. The villagers are waiting right now to hear if a bus will be available to take them to the Gospel Festival.

Will you help us IMPACT an entire village by sponsoring a bus today?

Click HERE to sponsor a BUS