Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Conversation About My Visit to an Atheist Convention

On my last blog post about my visit to the National Convention of the American Atheists, I received a lot of feedback. Quite a few atheists attacked me because my opinions differ from atheist positions, but regardless, I appreciate everyone who took the time to comment because my main purpose in going to the convention was to understand atheists better and every comment online has helped me in achieving that goal.

One result of my article was a telephone conversation with two skeptics, Joshua Richards and Rex Burks. They were both friendly and we had a productive conversation.

Joshua Richards used to be a youth pastor, but now he has become an atheist.

Rex Burks is an atheist who has studied Christianity by attending a different Sunday School every Sunday morning for the past two years.

Check out what two atheists and a Christian had to say to one another by clicking here: http://jrrtalking.com/podcast/evangelist-daniel-king-skeptic-rex-burks-on-visiting-the-2018-american-atheist-convention/

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