Thursday, August 10, 2017

Belize Festival of Hope Stats

I am thankful for everyone who helped to make the Belize Festival of Hope a success! Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to the Lord.

Here are the final numbers from all the events:
Number of Evangelists: 10
Number of Cities where Festivals took Place: 10 
Number of Missionaries who participated in the trip: 203
Total Ministry Sites: 87
Total attendance at all events: 50,756
Total who watched on Facebook: 27,600
Total who watched on TV in Belize and on EnLace: ?
Total of Salvations: 4,993
Total healed: 938
Total filled with the Holy Spirit: 537
Total number of churches who participated: 300+

Behind every one of these numbers there is a story of an individual whose life was touched by God. The story of what God did in Belize goes beyond the pictures and the numbers, the story continues on into eternity. Because of your service to the Lord, lives were changed forever!