Thursday, May 4, 2017

Help Us Give Away 30,000 Bibles

Help Us Give Away 30,000 Bibles

During the Belize Festival of Hope in July, our goal is to saturate the Central American nation of Belize with the Word of God. We expect thousands of people to attend our events that are taking place in eight cities across Belize and we want to put a Bible in the hands of every person who decides to follow Jesus.

As an evangelist, I am frequently asked, “What do you do about follow-up?” I am convinced that the best possible follow-up for someone who just got saved is a personal copy of the Bible.

My father actually became a follower of Jesus after he read through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It took him four months but ever since he finished he has been faithfully serving God.

So, would you help us put Bibles in the hands of the people of Belize?

Two different ministries have promised to give us Spanish and English Bibles for FREE. But, we need to get these Bibles into Belize. That’s where you come in.

Honestly, it will not cost us much, only pennies per Bible. In order to cover some customs and delivery fees we need about $1,000.

Would be the one who will help us distribute all these Bibles? Your gift of $1,000 could sponsor this entire distribution of Bibles.

The Bible is the best follow-up program there is. God sent His Son for a Season, but He left us the Bible for all of eternity.

Plus, Help Us Give Away Thousands of Discipleship Books
In addition to distributing all the Bibles, we will also be putting together a packet of discipleship materials for the people who get saved. In these packets will be several books that will share the basics of the Christian faith.

Every child that comes to our children’s fest will receive a 32-page booklet that is printed in fun and exciting colors. These booklets explain the Gospel using stories, pictures, and games. These resources are being donated by One Hope, a ministry dedicated to giving away Christian literature around the world.

Plus, Help Us Put Resources in the Hands of Pastors
In addition, another ministry, Christian Resources International, will be donating seminary level books for us to give to local pastors. Because of their generosity, we will be able to give every pastor who is involved with the Festival of Hope a library of useful resources and commentaries that will help them to prepare their sermons.

My Love Language is Books
I love books and I love reading. My library is overflowing with books. When people ask me what I want for Christmas, I always reply, “Books.” Usually, when I give a gift to someone else, I give a book. Of course, my favorite book is the Bible.

So, you can imagine how excited I am to give away 30,000 Bibles, discipleship materials, and thousands of books to both new believers and pastors in the nation of Belize.

We are flooding the nation of Belize with printed literature that will last long after we leave.

Can You Help?
The Bibles, books, and discipleship materials that we plan to give away at the Festival of Hope are being donated to us. I just need your help with some of the custom’s fees that will help us bring these books into the nation of Belize and the cost to store and transport this material to all of our ministry locations.

As I mentioned above, you can sponsor this distribution of Bibles, books, and discipleship material for $1,000. Even if you cannot give the full amount, can you give a portion of the money we need? Thank you!