Monday, November 21, 2016

Help Us Sponsor a Bible School Student

We are excited to tell you about our friends Jonatan and Karla Picado from the nation of Costa Rica. We are sponsoring them to attend Victory Bible College this year.

I originally met Jonatan in Costa Rica at a T.L. Osborn crusade. At the time, he was nineteen-years-old and excited about serving God. We became friends and kept in touch.

A few years later, he invited me to come to Costa Rica for a crusade meeting in his hometown of Pérez Zeledón. The following year, Jonatan invited me to return to Costa Rica for several more Gospel Festivals. Together, we did a total of fifteen mini-crusades in towns and villages across Costa Rica. At these crusades, thousands of people were impacted by the Gospel.

Then Jonatan met and married his lovely wife Karla. They have now been married for four years and they have a cute little boy named Samuel.

Jonatan has worked with me as a crusade director in several different nations in Central America. He has a powerful call from God on his life and he is dedicated to leading people to Jesus.

As I worked with Jonatan, I felt that it would be beneficial for him to get more training. So, this year Jessica and I decided to sponsor him to attend Victory Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a ministry of our home church, Victory Christian Center.

I teach at Victory Bible College and it is a powerful school where students receive practical training through Christian service in the various departments and outreaches of the church. VBC has a goal of imparting life experience, ministering restoration and empowering students with personal knowledge of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

We worked hard to secure a student visa from the United States Embassy for Jonatan and his family. Once it was granted, we flew the Picado family from Costa Rica to Tulsa. Right now, King Ministries is covering the cost of Jonatan’s tuition at Bible school and purchasing his schoolbooks. We are also providing a place for his family to live, a car for them to drive, insurance, and food.

While Jonatan is here in the United States, he is volunteering to translate some of my books into Spanish and he will be helping us with our upcoming national outreach in the nation of Belize.

After Jonatan finishes Bible school, he plans to return to Costa Rica to preach the Gospel. We consider the cost of sending him to Bible school as an investment in his future and in the future of Costa Rica.

Education and Bible training is important. Once, Billy Graham was asked how he would reach the world if he only had three years to finish the task. Graham replied, “I would use two years to study and learn and I use the third year to preach the Gospel.”

This is the first time we have invested in the training of a co-minister from Central America and I want to ask you to help us with the cost of hosting this family.

Tuition and books at Victory Bible College: $1,700
Plane Tickets: $2,400
Cost of Housing: $4,500
Car and Insurance: $2,000
Food for Three People: $2,700
Total Needed: $13,300

Your gift this month will help us to sponsor the Picado family to go to Bible school. Thank you for your generosity.