Saturday, March 19, 2016

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude - Secrets of Ministry Success #17

        How high do you want to fly in life? Do you want to be successful? Your attitude directly effects how high you go in life. Your attitude will also determine how well you do at school and in the workplace. The sky is the limit if your heart is in it!
This is the story of the eagle who wanted to fly. Once upon a time, a farmer was climbing in the mountains and he found an eagles nest. Inside of the eagles nest was a baby eagle. The farmer climbed up into the nest and stole the eagle. He took the baby eagle home with him and he placed it inside a pen with his chickens, but the bird was not a baby chicken.
One mother hen accepted the eagle as her own and she raised him. She taught the baby eagle how to peck for corn, she taught him how to cluck, and she taught him how to sleep at night. In fact, she taught him everything a good baby chicken should know but the bird was not a baby chicken.
For a while, the eagle thought he was a chicken. He walked like a chicken. He made sounds like a chicken. He flew like a chicken, that is to say, not at all. Because the eagle thought he was a chicken, he stayed a chicken. His chicken mentality kept him from flying, but the bird was not a baby chicken.
Eagles are destined to fly. This eagle was designed by God to soar high above the chicken coop. One day, while he was eating his corn, the eagle saw another eagle. With his keen eyesight, he saw his brother flying over a mile overhead. The eagle felt the wind blowing beneath his feathers and suddenly, the eagles attitude changed. The eagle knew he could fly. He spread his beautiful wings, and a gust of wind picked him up. The eagle began to flap his wings and they carried him higher. He caught a wind, and now he was flying. He never came back to the chicken coop because his attitude had changed. Never again was the eagle satisfied with digging in the dirt. The eagle fulfilled his destiny. He soared high above the earth, living the life of an eagle, because you see, the bird was not a baby chicken, he was an eagle.

The eagles attitude changed his altitude.