Friday, August 9, 2013

One in a Million - The Testimony of Wilnack

Wilnack is twenty-seven years old. One month before our Gospel Festival in Kawde Bouke, Haiti he saw our team members putting up posters on the walls. He asked if he could help. At first the team refused his help because they saw he was drunk.

Something about the team’s attitude attracted the young man so every day for a month he followed them around. Finally, they allowed him to pass out flyers and glue posters to the wall. After the festival platform was built, Wilnack volunteered to sleep under the platform to help guard the sound equipment.

He says, “Two times, I dreamed a dream. The first time was at the beginning of the month on the night after I met the members of the publicity team, the second time was the night before I got saved. In my dream I was in a beautiful place and I saw many beautiful houses. I saw a man in a white robe walk toward me and just as he opened his mouth to speak to me, I woke up. I knew that man was Jesus and so I decided to live my life for Him.”

On the second night of our Gospel Festival, Wilnack gave his life to the Lord. When he heard the question “Do you want Jesus to forgive your sins?” he responded by raising his hand. He prayed the prayer of salvation and Jesus became his Lord and Savior. Now Wilnack is smiling because he has been born-again!