Friday, November 9, 2012

Trials and Tribulations of an Evangelist

Paul the Apostle suffered from shipwrecks, being stoned, and beatings. My challenges are less severe.

It has been raining here in India and our festival grounds is like a swamp. Thousands of bugs and insects fill the air.

On the first night, I stood up to greet the people. When I opened my mouth, a bug flew in. I could feel it buzzing around at the back of my throat. Instead of saying, "I am so happy to be here in India!" I was coughing and hacking.

Below are the bugs flying around one of our light towers.

The entire time I was preaching, bugs flew into my mouth, my ears, and my nose. After the service we were supposed to eat dinner, but I told the pastors, "I'm not hungry because I already ate my fill of bugs."