Saturday, January 29, 2011

Work It!

At the pastor's conference, the church was completely full so hundreds of people gathered around the church and sat on the grass listening to the message. While one of our team members preached, I decided to take pictures of the people.


I began by taking a portrait shot of one woman. Then I turned my camera around and showed her the picture on my digital screen. She started laughing and then all the other women wanted their pictures taken.


At the back of the group was an ancient woman dressed in typical Ethiopian clothes. She only had two and a half teeth in her head. She was almost totally blind. But, as I was taking pictures of the other women this old lady started saying over and over again, "Work it, work it."


She did not know any English but somehow she knew that when you take pictures you are supposed to say, "Work It." Her one phrase of English made me laugh so hard.