Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hindu Mother Saved

Hindu Mother Saved

Koussila comes from a Hindu family. She became a believer several years ago and ever since, she has had one prayer. Her one request to God was for her mother to be saved.

When Koussila head about the “Healing Festival” she was very excited. She volunteered to help setting up the festival. For three weeks she worked hard putting all the details of the festival together. Since she speaks English, she was able to translate regularly for Joshua Myers, our festival director.

As Koussila worked putting up posters and inviting people to the festival, she prayed that her mother would be willing to attend. On the first night of the festival, her prayers were answered.

Her mother stood behind the platform as the preaching began. She listened to every word. But, when we led the crowd in the salvation prayer, Koussila’s mother just stood there.

Koussila was helping us translate the miracle testimonies. After the healing testimonies were finished, Koussila left the platform and went to her mother. “Did you pray with the preacher to make Jesus your Lord?” she asked her mother. “No, I have been a Hindu my whole life and I was scared,” came the reply. Koussila began to witness to her mother. She explained the message to her and told her what it means to be a follower of Jesus. After several minutes, she asked her mother, “Would you pray with me and ask Jesus for salvation?” To Koussila’s delight, her mother said, “Yes.” Right there, behind the platform, Koussila led her mother to Jesus.

With tears in her eyes, Koussila brought her mother to us to share the news. Her mother was smiling. She still had a Hindu red dot in the middle of her forehead, but now Jesus was living in her heart.

Every King Must Have a Throne

Many village people have walked a long distance to attend the Healing Festival. Since it is to far for them to return home each evening, we have provided blankets for them to sleep on at night. All the churches and believers of Surkhet have opened their doors to house the villagers.

Today in the Fire Conference, one of the pastors stood up to address a problem. He said, “We have noticed that many of you have been going to the bathroom out in front of the church. We have a toilet inside the church that we want you to use. Since you are from the villages, perhaps you have never seen a toilet before. God has created you to be kings and queens, and as royalty you must not squat in front of the church, instead you must sit on the throne. Please learn how to use the toilet.”

Yes, we have Hot Water.

Before we arrived, our crusade director checked out our hotel rooms to make sure they were comfortable. One of the questions he asked the hotel manager was, “Does this hotel have hot water?” The answer was, “Yes, of course we do.”

To my disappointment, after a long dusty day preaching in the sun, I discovered that only freezing cold water came out of the showerhead. I gritted my teeth and took a cold shower. Sometimes when you are on a mission trip, you have to suffer for the Lord.

The next morning, at 5:30am there was a knock on the door. Blurry eyed, I answered the door. It was the desk clerk. In his hand was a pitcher of steaming hot water. “You want hot water for your shower?” he asked. By mixing hot and cold water in a bucket, I could have warm water to rinse off my body. So, technically the manager did not lie when he said the hotel has hot water, however, I still feel cheated somehow.