Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kalyn's Secret: A book every family should read

One of our close ministry friends recently wrote a book that I think every family that wants to protect their children should read. Here is some information about the book:

June 2010 - Tulsa, Oklahoma – Kalyn is the oldest daughter in the robust Cherry tribe of twelve. A pastor’s kid, Kalyn was active in church, a straight-A student and very loving to her parents and siblings…seemingly the perfect child. So how, at the age of 14, did she become involved with a man in their church three times her age? An $800 cell phone bill was the tip of the iceberg as the Cherry’s research for truth brought them face to face with a nightmare that had grown even under their watchful eyes. Overnight their daughter turned from a sweet, loving contributor to the family to a rebellious, suicidal, angry teen.

Kalyn’s Secret: Every Parent’s Battle to Save Their Children is a more than a compelling story of overcoming victory. The Cherry’s transparently reveal both sides of the nightmare as readers get to look into the parental “dark night of the soul” as well as the confused heart of the teen/not yet adult mindset and subsequent irrational behavior. In search of professional help, counselors misdiagnosed the problem for the first two years. Finally, the Cherry’s found a miraculous ray of hope that set them on a course of healing. In Kalyn’s Secret they share:

􏰀 The warning signs they missed.
􏰀 What they should have done different.
􏰀 Why parents cannot reason with their teen as a rational adult.
􏰀 The disturbing similarities between drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, sexual predators and perversion stalking today’s kids.
􏰀 Most importantly, the vital keys every parent needs to avoid the camouflaged pitfalls our children face each day.

This is a story of hope. Parents will benefit from the Cherry’s extensive research revealing tools and insights for those who find themselves already in the battle and those desperately working to avoid it.

The Cherry’s five-year battle for restoration of their daughter’s mind and heart will encourage every parent who finds themselves in “every parent’s battle to save their children.”

Retail: $15.99 trade paper
ISBN: 978-0-88144-529-9

“As a Dad and as a Husband – I want to do everything I can to protect my family. This book offers great insight to help prevent physical and spiritual attack from outside influences and is an incredible resource to help those already in the battle. It is a message of hope for all parents.”
Michael W. Smith

“A must read for parents.”
Ron Luce
Director, Teen Mania

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