Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Name in a Book

For two years I have been writing a new book called MOVE: How to Fulfill Gods Will for Your Life. I am so excited about this book because it is written to influence and motivate a new generation of world changers. I believe in the years to come this book will minister to thousands of people who are confused about knowing how to find and fulfill Gods will for their lives.

Would you be part of impacting the lives of the readers of this book?

This week, I need $1,500 to cover the expense of designing, printing, and distributing this powerful new book.

Would you be one of fifteen people to give $100 to make the printing of this book possible? If you will contribute today, I want to do two things for you:

1. As my way of saying "Thank You" for helping to make this book possible, I want to include your name in the first edition of MOVE as one of the sponsors of the book.

2. As soon as MOVE is finished printing, I will send you five copies of this book for you to give to your friends and family.

Click HERE to give your gift of $100.

Are you waiting on God, or is God waiting on you?

What is Gods will for your life? Why are you here on earth? How will you reach your destiny? In this powerful book, Daniel King reveals a simple way for you to find Gods plan for your life.

You will learn:

* How to Discover Gods Will

* The Difference Between Sitters and Movers

* Your Success is Motion-Activated

* God Celebrates Your Choices

* Your Miracle is in Your Movement

After reading this profound yet easy-to-understand book, you will stop anxiously wondering what God want you to do and begin to move with confidence toward your future.

When You Move, God Moves!

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