Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do you have a passport?

Every believer should own a passport. How can you obey God’s command to go into all the world, unless you have the means of getting there?

Last week, at a church in Tennessee, I asked, “How many of you want to go on a mission trip someday.” The entire congregation raised their hands. Then I asked a follow-up question, “How many of you have passports?” Less than ten percent of the people replied in the affirmative. Everyone wanted to go, but few had taken the first step to be able to go. I told them, “If God gave you a fully paid, round-trip ticket to go preach in Africa tomorrow, most of you would not be able to take advantage of it. Before you can expect God to provide for you to go on a mission trip, you must take the first step and get a passport.”

When you take steps towards your vision, then God begins moving pieces into place for your provision.

So, do you have a passport?