Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The $650 Million Dollar Mistake

Today I visited one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai. If you notice, all the pictures of the Burj Al Arab luxury "seven star" hotel are from the side. It is built to resemble the sail of a sailboat at sea. But the front of the building facing the sea, is distinctly the shape of a huge cross. Every boat and luxury yacht that sails into the harbor of Dubai sees a giant 289 foot tall cross which is taboo in a Muslim culture. You will never see a picture of the building from this angle but the cross is there. 

So the building that was built to be the iconic anchor for the entire Dubai waterfront is a cross. This is a stunning, 650 million dollar design mistake...and no one noticed until the hotel was almost finished. 

Right at the center of the Muslim city of Dubai is a symbol of Christianity...and I pray that someday Jesus truly will be the center of their hearts.