Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Once there was a child who asked his father, “Where do apples come from?”
The father explained, “Apples come from a tree.”
“Where do trees come from?”
“Trees come from a seed.”
“Where do seeds come from?” asked the child.
“Seeds come from apples,” said the father.
After thinking about this for a while, the boy asked, “Where did the first apple come from?”
The father replied, “God created the first apple.”
“So, where did God come from?” asked the little boy.

If the father is an atheist, he might answer, “The apple evolved over millions of years.” But, if the father is a Christian, he would say, “God created the apple.”

This brings us to the Cosmological question, “What caused the first uncaused cause? If everything must have a cause, then where did this Causer come from?”

There are only two options:
1. Humans, the world, and all of creation are here by accident.
2. Everything is here because a Creator put us here.

The Christian faith says there is an eternal, all-loving Creator who created everything for a specific purpose. God said, “Let there be…and there was.” The evolutionist says that from absolutely nothing, prompted by nothing, for no particular purpose or reason came everything, driven by impersonal, undirected, random forces of chance and time. Is “…the Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.” [1]

There are two stories about where creation came from. Both stories are based on faith. No scientist was present at the beginning of the universe. It requires a great leap of faith to believe that something comes from nothing, that order comes from chaos, that life appears from non-living matter (abiogenesis), and that consciousness appears from non-conscienceless. Atheists criticize Christians for believing in a “magical being” that created everything, but it is just as absurd to believe that everything came from nothing.

Since we exist, something must have always existed. Is it more plausible to believe that the universe simply popped into being one day or to believe that there is an infinitely wise Being who exists outside of time who created the universe?

If you ask an atheist, “What caused the big bang?” he might reply, “It just happened.” If you ask a Christian, “Where did God come from?” he will answer, “God is just there.”

Either there is an infinite regress of causes and effects or there is something that has always existed. This something that has “necessary existence” just happens to be God. Denying there is a God is like denying you have a mother.

[1] Carl Sagan, Cosmos (New York: Random House,1980), p. 4.