Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thoughts about Personal Development

Personal development is “intentional, deliberate growth and advancement.” Before one can lead others, one must lead oneself. The best indication of being able to lead oneself is continual daily improvement in one’s life.

For many years, I have kept a small paper in the front of my Bible with my personal development goals. Here is my daily checklist:

Spiritual Development
Prayer (Meditation & Visualization)
Scripture Memory
Bible Reading
Listening to the Bible

Language Development
Spanish Study
Greek Study

Product Development
Writing (1 Hour)
Sermon Practice

Relationship Development
Who did I write, e-mail, call, or meet with?
How are my family relations?

Personal Development
Lifelong Learning (Motivational, Business, Classical Literature, Church History, Theology)

How are you developing yourself every day? Tell me in the comments below.