Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Earth Proves there is a God

The earth is amazingly fitted to sustain human life. The probability that these perfect conditions appeared by chance is astronomical. The earth has the exact conditions for human life that are needed. This planet is set at precisely the right distance from the sun. If the earth was a million miles closer to the sun, we would all burn up. If the earth was a million miles further away from the sun, we would all freeze. Is the earth’s placement chance, or a product of design?

Norman Geisler writes:
“1. Oxygen comprises 21 percent of the atmosphere. If it were 25 percent, fires would erupt, if 15 percent, human beings would suffocate.
2. If the gravitational force were altered by 1 part in 1040 (that’s 10 followed by forty zeros), the sun would not exist, and the moon would crash into the earth or sheer off into space. Even a slight increase in the force of gravity would result in all the stars being much more massive than our sun, with the effect that the sun would burn too rapidly and erratically to sustain life.
3. If the centrifugal force of planetary movements did not precisely balance the gravitational forces, nothing could be held in orbit around the sun.
4. If Jupiter were not in its current orbit, we would be bombarded with space material. Jupiter’s gravitational field acts as a cosmic vacuum cleaner, attracting asteroids and comets that would otherwise strike earth.
5. If the thickness of the earth’s crust were greater, too much oxygen would be transferred to the crust to support life. If it were thinner, volcanic and tectonic activity would make life untenable.
6. If the rotation of the earth took longer than twenty-four hours, temperature differences would be too great between night and day. If the rotation period were shorter, atmospheric wind velocities would be too great.”
7. If the axial tilt of the earth were altered slightly, surface temperature differences would be too great.[1]
8. The precise tilt and rotation of the earth give us the seasons of the year. If the earth was tilted a few degrees more in either direction, life on earth would become impossible.
9. Look at the ecosystem. The rain falls, waters the plants, runs down rivers to the ocean, evaporates, and falls again. This water cycle is just one of many cycles including the nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon cycles. There are cycles of summer and winter, and cycles of birth and death. Who planned the precise balance required to keep all these cycles going? Was it random chance or design?   

[1] Geisler, Norman. The Big Book of Christian Apologetics, (Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI: 2012), 22.