Thursday, October 20, 2016

Proof for God's Existence - The Teleological Argument

Design - Teleological Argument
(1) Look at the design of the universe. 
(2) Such a great design must be caused by a Great Designer, just as a watch found in the forest must have been built by a watchmaker.
(3) Therefore God exists.

The word “teleological” comes from the Greek word telos that means “end” or “purpose.” The Teleological Proof for God’s existence argues that creation is full of purpose. This purpose indicates there is a Creator who created with an end in mind.

The classical teleological argument is known as the Watchmaker Analogy. It was proposed by William Paley, in 1802, in his book Natural Theology. For every watch there must be a watchmaker. The complexity, order, and purpose of a watch strongly suggests intelligent design.

Recently, I watched a YouTube video of a watchmaker taking apart a Rolex.[1] There were over one hundred and fifteen individual pieces each carefully designed with meticulous care. There was the crown, a crown stem, a ratchet wheel, barrel bridge, a mainspring, a minute wheel, an escapement wheel, a balance bridge, a tourbillon, a spacer, a yoke spring, setting levers, setting springs, a clutch, perpetual wheels, barrels and weights. It is impossible for a watch to appear without an intelligence directing its design.

When I look at a watch that tics every second in perfect synchronization I know it exists because of a skilled watchmaker.  Logic tells me that in order for an intricate, marvelous, wonderful creation to exist, there must be a Creator. When I see the balance and beauty of creation, I know it was made by an intelligent designer.

Where do houses come from? Houses are built by builders. Experience tells us that houses do not build themselves. When I see a house, carefully planned by an architect and built by a builder, I know that house is no accident. It did not just pop into existence by itself. Just as a house needs a builder, creation needs a Creator. When I think of who caused that house to be built, I realize that this universe must also have someone who caused it to appear and I say, “Yes, God is there!” Hebrews 3:4 uses the argument from design, “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God.”

Where do paintings come from? The existence of a painting strongly suggests the existence of a painter. Paintings do not paint themselves. For every painting, there must be a painter.

Where does creation come from? Creation was created by a Creator. Just as a house does not build itself and a painting does not paint itself, so creation does not create itself.

When I hear a beautiful symphony, I think of the ingenuity and creativity of the composer. When  I see a colorful sunset or a  red rose, I think of the creative power of the originator of beauty itself, and I say, “Yes, God is there!”

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary explanations. Small random changes spread over millions of years cannot explain our existence.

A tiny bird is far more complicated then a 747 airplane. The bird has millions of interlocking cells all working together in unison to keep the bird in flight. The design of the bird is more precise then our most complicated airplane. It is absurd to imagine that a plane put itself together. So, why are evolutionists applauded for proposing that birds created themselves out of nothing? The evolutionist replies, “Birds appeared over millions of years of evolution.” But, if I start with nothing, that nothing will still be nothing if I wait one year or a million years.

The addition of millions of years of time does not solve the fundamental impossibility of design appearing from nothing. Take a piece of iron ore. Lay it on your desk. How many millions of years will you wait before the ore spontaneously forms itself into the intricate springs and levers that enable a watch to accurately tell time? Adding time to the equation does not adequately explain how order appears from disorder.

The argument from design is persuasive to me. The building does not build itself, a watch does not suddenly appear, and automobiles are carefully designed by intelligent engineers. A tornado spinning in a junkyard does not suddenly create a 747 airplane. Only a fool intent on denying the existence of a Creator believes that the intricate design of the human body could drag itself from the ooze of primordial mud.