Thursday, October 27, 2016

Atheists reject God’s moral law because they do not want to be held accountable.

The atheist denies the existence of God in order to escape the responsibility of what would be required of him if God did exist. If God does not exist, nothing would stop me from robbing a bank (if I could get away with it) or murdering my neighbor. If there is no ultimate right and wrong, then there is no personal right and wrong. All is permitted as long as it makes the individual feel good. This relativism ultimately leads to hopelessness and purposelessness. If the universe has no meaning, what meaning can there be for me to go to work in the morning or to love my wife or to even be alive?

If I believed there was no God, I would behave in much more immoral ways. Many atheists have chosen not to believe in God, not because of intellectual reasons, but because they want to live life free of God’s moral laws.

The atheist’s intellectual problems are often a smoke screen covering moral rebellion.[1] For the atheist, there are no objective moral values. For the atheist, there is no difference in ultimate meaning between what Hitler did and what Mother Teresa did. But, the fact that atheists know there is a difference between right and wrong, proves that there is an objective moral standard of right and wrong.

Dostoevsky in his thick novel, The Brothers Karamazov, points out the reason that atheists reject God, “Without God and immortal life…all thing are lawful then, they can do what they like…”[2] One of his characters says, “It’s God that’s worrying me. That’s the only thing that worrying me. What if he doesn’t exist? What if [atheists] are right – that its an idea made up by men? Then if He doesn’t exist, man is the chief of the earth, of the universe. Magnificent! Only how is he going to be good without God? That’s the question. I always come back to that. For whom is man going to love then? To whom will he be thankful? To whom will he sing the hymn? [Atheists] laugh. [Atheists] say that one can love humanity without God. Well, only a sniveling idiot can maintain that…[3]

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