Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What is Wasting Your Time Every Day? - Secrets of Ministry Success #8

What is robbing your time?
            - Spending time with people who have no vision or goals.
            - Television, news, entertainment, paperwork, goofing off.
            - People who play all the time.
            - Being around critical people.
            - People who want what you have but do not do what you say.
            - People with self-defeating habits
            - People who are always late.
            - People who are unorganized.

Who steals your time? Who do you need to eliminate from your life? There are four types of people with whom you can spend your time.

1. Add-ers - People who add to your life.
            My wife Jessica is an example of someone who adds to my life. She makes me happy, gives me pleasure, and encourages me. She adds value to my life.

2. Subtract-ers - People who subtract from your life.
            These are people who waste your time. I have a friend who talks non-stop. If he calls me, it is impossible to get off the phone in less than an hour. He never talks about issues of significance or importance; he just likes to hear himself talk. I finally stopped answering his calls because he kept wasting my time.
            Another person called me and asked if he could come stay with me for a week. He just wanted to “hang out.” He wanted me to take him to see a movie and to go to the mall. I told him not to come because I did not have a week to waste on entertaining him. His time was worth little, but my time is valuable.
            If you do not fight for your time, other people will steal your time.

Who is a time thief in your life?
            - Time thieves have confusion in their lives.
            - Time thieves always have problems.
            - Time thieves have no focus.
            - Time thieves do not give you anything of value.

If you don’t respect my time, I am not going to give you any more of my time.

3. Multiply-ers - People who multiply your life.
            A mentor can multiply your effectiveness. There are only two ways to learn: through your mistakes or from the mistakes of others. Following the advice of a mentor can cut ten years from your development.
            One of my favorite ministers focuses on wisdom. When I go to his conferences, I am inspired to do more for God. When I listen to him, I get ideas that will help me achieve my purpose in life. An hour of listening to him motivates me to accomplish more.

4. Divide-rs - People who divide you.
            These are people who deliberately and maliciously attempt to distract you from your focus. They actively try to cause conflict between you and others.
            One time, someone opened an e-mail address that was similar to mine. He started e-mailing people negative comments but signing my name. This caused me to lose several relationships because this person deliberately tried to cause division.