Friday, March 11, 2016

Ask These Questions Every Day about how you use your time - Secrets of Ministry Success #10

Ask yourself these questions several times each day:
Am I using my time wisely?
Is this what I want or need to be doing right now?
Am I working on something urgent or something important?
Where can I best invest my time in order to maximize my income?

Some things are urgent, but not important. Other things are important but not urgent. The best use of your time is to use it doing things that are important.

What are some important (but non-urgent) things you should do with your time?
- Read
- Exercise
- Educate Yourself
- Build Relationships
- Family - Children spell love as T-I-M-E. You can give your children video games and roller skates, but what children really want from daddy and mommy is time.

If you don’t want or need to be doing an activity, STOP. By eliminating unproductive activities from your life you will discover more time for doing what you really want to be doing.