Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oh, my God!

Have you ever experienced an Oh, my God moment? Im not talking about saying this in a flippant and irreverent way, but in the most profound sense of the term.

Recently, I sat down after a crusade, put my head in my hands, and whispered Oh, my God. No other term would suffice to express the depth of what I was feeling. The anointing of God was so powerful during worship. I felt Gods presence so strongly as I preached. Thousands gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. A blind mans eyes opened. A crippled lady walked for the first time. 

An Oh, my God moment is when heaven shines upon earth, when God transcends time and space and breaks in upon our normal everyday existence.

When I hear a mute boy speak for the first time in his life, all I can say is Oh, my God. When I see an alcoholic father become a Christian and forsake drinking, all I can say is Oh, my God. When I see thousands of Muslims raise their hands to receive Jesus, all I can say is Oh, my God. In these moments, you KNOW that God is real and that He cares for each of us!

In the next few months, I anticipate having several Oh, my God moments as we travel to country after country sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.

Have you ever experienced an “Oh, my God” moment? A time when God amazed you with His goodness? I want to hear about what God has done for you. Use the tear-off coupon at the bottom of this letter to tell us about the great victories you have experienced recently. Or, tell us what miracles you need RIGHT NOW and we will pray for you to have an “Oh, My God” moment when God miraculously meets your need.

I am praying for YOU to have many  Oh my God moments. I want you to experience miracles like never before. I am praying for your family members to be saved…for the money in your bank account to increase…for healing to come to your body. I believe you will experience MIRACLES so big that all you will be able to say is Oh, my God, thank-you for being so good!