Saturday, January 7, 2012


A habit is any action or behavior that you do on a regular basis. There are both good habits (developed by good actions) and bad habits (developed by bad actions).

Most of the actions you do on a daily basis are habitual. Today you will most likely do the same things you did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. Tomorrow you will have exactly the same results you have today, unless you change your habits.

Your life is the sum of all your habits. Every area of your life has been shaped by your habits. Habits, both good and bad, create who you are.

My health is the result of my habits.

My wealth is the result of my habits

My books are the result of my habits.

My weight is the result of my habits.

My friendships are the result of my habits.

My productivity is the result of my habits.

First, you form habits, then habits form you. After you develop a habit, you become a servant to that habit.

When I first started writing, I was a horrible writer. But I decided to spend one hour every day typing on my computer. At first it was torture, but eventually I started to get better. Now, I have written fourteen books mainly because I forced myself to develop the habit of writing.

A habitual action becomes a well-worn groove in your mind. Like an old fashioned record player where the same song plays every time the needle drops, your mind eventually plays the exact same tune over and over again. As a sign said on a particularly bumpy road, “Pick your rut carefully, because you will be in it for the next two hundred miles.”

If you are satisfied with your life, congratulations, you have good habits. If there is some area of your life you are no happy with, change your habits.

The good news is that habits can change. Mike Murdock says, “Anything you do twice becomes easier to do again” Experts say, “If you do something continually every day for thirty days, it will become a new habit.” Small daily changes will eventually add up to huge changes over the course of your lifetime. Tiny stones thrown on a pile in time become a big mountain.