Friday, February 26, 2010

Your Life in Six Words

If you had to describe your entire life in only six words, what would you say?

There is a trend on the Internet, started by SMITH Magazine, for people to write their memoirs in only six words. Here is what I think various Biblical characters and famous Christians would write about their lives if they only had six words to use.

Biblical Characters

Adam: “I lost garden by eating apple.”

Noah: Saved from flood by building ark.

Abraham: Trusted God, Father of many nations.

Moses: I said, “Let my people go!”

Joshua: Marched around Jericho, took Promised Land.

David: I killed giant, became Israel’s king.

Obed-Edom: God blessed me because of faithfulness.

Solomon: Built Temple, married too many wives.

Jonah: “Have you heard my fish tale?”

Esther: “I’m born for such a time.”

Daniel: “I pray lions are not hungry.”

Mary: “Thy will be done unto me.”

Jesus: God’s Son, died for your sins.

Peter the Apostle: Followed Christ, Denied Christ, Preached Christ.

Paul: Persecuted Christians, Encountered Christ, Wrote N.T.

John: The Disciple whom Jesus loved. Revelation.

Thomas: “Doubt no longer, I touched Him.”

Church Historical Figures

Polycarp: “How can I blaspheme my Savior?”

Constantine: Pagan; saw vision, converted Roman Empire.

Jerome: Translated Bible into Latin, became Saint.

Martin Luther: Nailed revelation: Solo Scriptura, Solo Fide

John Calvin: “I was destined to write this.”

George Whitefield: The apostle of the English empire.

Jonathan Edwards: Sinners in hands of angry God.

John Wesley: Fiery preacher who founded Methodist denomination.

Modern day Preachers

Billy Graham: Preached the Gospel, Thousands accepted Christ.

Oral Roberts: Healing ministry, Built university, seed-faith.

Rick Warren: Purpose-Driven Preacher returns church salary.

Bill Hybals: Seeker-Sensitive Church reaches unchurched people.

Ed Young: This memoir should be really creative.

Benny Hinn: “You can be healed!” “Sing choir.”

Marilyn Hickey: Covering the Earth with the Word

Joyce Meyers: Life is hard, you can overcome.

Reinhard Bonnke: “All of Africa shall be saved!”

Joel Osteen: Father Died; “Your Best Life Now”

Joseph Prince: It is by GRACE you’re saved.

David Barton: Founding fathers were Christian, America strayed.

My Life

If I had to summarize my life up until this moment in only six words, this is what it would probably be.

Daniel King: Led 1,000,000 to Christ before 30.

What would you say about your life if you only had six words? Can you help me write more memoirs for Bible characters and church fathers?